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The clinical team at ACIP have areas of expertise that can inform your clinical work  and help you grow as clinician or as organization. We can provide consulting services and trainings (short presentations or full-day workshops) on variety of topics. 

Dr. Sophia Aguirre is a Certified Group Psychotherapist with extensive experience as group therapist in both private practice and in an organizational setting (university counseling center). She has provided numerous presentations and trainings on group therapy and private practice at the local and national level. She has a passion for sharing her knowledge of group treatment with others and is available to provide consultation or presentations on a variety of topics related to private practice, group therapy and group psychology including:

  • Starting a private practice or expanding your practice

  • Developing a group practice

  • Creating a professional niche in practice

  • Starting therapy groups in private practice 

  • Expanding  your group therapy practice and increasing your referrals

  • Launching and sustaining long-term process groups

  • Culturally-Responsive group therapy 

  • BIPOC-focused therapy groups

Additionally, Dr. Aguirre also provides for consulting on Diversity & Inclusion:

  • ​Providing culturally-responsive services for the Latinx community

  • Creating an culturally-inclusive, socially-conscious private practice

  • Creating inclusive, affirming spaces for BIPOCs and individuals who
    marginalized identities

Contact Dr. Aguirre for information about her consulting services. 

Consultation Services

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