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Groups for Therapists

"Every therapist should have a therapy group for themselves to prevent burnout and for their continued professional and personal growth."

Current Group Offerings for Therapists

Process & Consultation Group For Latinx Therapists*
Tuesdays 3:00pm - 4:30pm EST (meets every 2 weeks)

Process & Consultation Group For BIPOC & Latinx Therapists*
Fridays 12:00pm -1:30pm EST (meets every 2 weeks)


Being a therapist is deeply rewarding, but deeply challenging work.  We believe that therapists and therapists-in-training need a place where they can work on honing their most important tool: their relational selves. These groups provide a supportive, environment where therapists can gain a deeper understanding of their personal and professional self through an intersectional, multicultural lens. ​Therapists committed to anti-oppressive, anti-racist clinical work will find these groups to be an excellent forum for further developing cultural humility.

Ideal members for these groups are mental health professionals, therapists and therapists-in-training who are seeking to grow personally and professionally  through:

  • Developing their capacity for deeper connections

  • Increasing self-awareness, including countertransference dynamics

  • Increasing emotional range and emotional intimacy capacity

  • Understanding of biases through exploration of dynamics of power, privilege, and oppression.

*Please note: these groups strive to be inclusive spaces that are affirming of diverse & marginalized identities; we welcome therapists from all cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identities.  The Process & Consultation Groups for BIPOC & Latinx Therapists are affinity-based group that is only open to members that self-identify as members of the Latinx and/or BIPOC community.

What to Expect

These process & consultation groups are process-oriented group experiences for mental health clinicians/therapists and therapists-in-training interested in furthering their personal and professional development within a group of peers.

  • This is not a therapy group, yet the boundaries /norms of confidentiality are fully observed. Members may bring into the group anything that is meaningful to their experience as a therapist and as a human being.

  • The content of the group sessions are driven by the group members' needs/desires and what each member brings to group each week:

    • Themes surrounding attachment styles, relationship concerns, burnout/compassion fatigue, finances and money management/mindsets, imposter syndrome, and other issues related to being a clinician surface, and much more

    • The group may also decide to create space for consultation and masterminding work as needed. 

  • The here-and-now is a central focus of the group: all thoughts, feelings and associations to the process are explored and here-now-dynamics among group members will be highlighted as they occur. Members are encouraged to exchange honest  feedback, and to practice relating in more authentic and emotionally vulnerable manner.

  • The group process itself is used to cultivate a deeper awareness of relational patterns and learn about group therapy dynamics from the role of both member and leader.

  • These groups are facilitated from a relational, interpersonal and Feminist orientation rooted within an antiracist, de-colonized framework that promotes resilience and the development of cultural humility.

  • You can learn more about the Online Process-oriented Training Groups for Therapists by watching this video.

Back view of female employee talk speak on team video call with diverse colleagues coworke
Hispanic woman working on the computer_edited.jpg

Who Could Benefit

  • Mental health clinicians (i.e., psychologists, psychiatrist, clinical social workers, counselors, marriage & family therapists, etc.)  and therapists-in-training (masters, doctoral students, and pre-licensed mental health professionals) who are interested in deepening their understanding their relational self, personally and professionally

  • Mental health clinicians interested in further developing  group leadership skills. You will have the opportunity experientially learn principles of group therapy and group dynamics through simultaneous observation and participation in a process-oriented group. 

  • Mental health clinicians/therapists wishing to further develop their culturally humility by:

    • utilizing an socio-cultural and intersectional lens to explore dynamics of power, privilege, and oppression as they manifest within the group and in group members' lives.

    • examining dynamics of intra-racial and interracial countertransference and intra-racial and interracial transferences as they occur within the group and in their professional lives

  • Group therapists pursuing CGP certification that are in need of accruing hours towards the 75 supervision hour requirement; this group will meet those requirements. 

  • *The BIPOC & Latinx-affinity process group will provide a BIPOC & Latinx-only space provides a safe space for connection, exploration and healing of race-based stress and racial trauma.

I'm Interested! How Do I Join?

  • Contact Dr. Sophia Aguirre to schedule a 45-minute initial pre-group consultation ($100 fee) to explore your goals, answer your questions, review the group expectations and assess if this group will meet your needs.

  • A minimum commitment of 6 sessions is required for all new group remembers.

  • Financial Investment: $85/group session. Reduced fee/sliding scale slots available for those with financial need.

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