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Therapy for Black Folx

Promoting Wellness in our Black Community

The search for a culturally-affirming therapist, let alone a therapist of color or a Black therapist can be daunting and challenging!

You may be looking for someone with an innate understanding of what it’s like to be Black in America. You might have worked with White therapists before, but felt the need to overexplain or re-educate them on the nuances tied to race -- or worse, had your experiences minimized or dismissed! Or perhaps you are exploring the possibility of therapy for the first time, and are looking for a space where you can be your full yourself, with no guard, code-switch, or need to educate and explain.

If you are looking for a Black or Therapist of Color who is passionate about providing culturally-affirming, anti-oppressive, decolonized therapy you have come to the right place!

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Whether you are Black/African American, Afro-Latinx, Afro-Caribbean, or Biracial, our diverse team of Black and multicultural therapists understand first-hand unique stressors that Black communities face and how bias, unrest, racial trauma, and microaggressions can impact your mental health.  Our integrative approach to counseling combines our lived experiences as Black folx, our extensive clinical experience working with Black and People of Color, AND your unique set of strengths and resources. 

Our multicultural team of therapists include Black/African-American, Afro-Latinx, and Biracial therapists who value your intersectional identities:

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Decolonized, Culturally-Affirming Therapy

Working From Home

Anti-oppressive/decolonized therapy means that we will: never pathologize or shame appropriate responses to oppression and trauma. Therapy should always be a space to be open and grieve injustice as it happens to ourselves or our community without judgment. Decolonized therapy is a framework of healing from the dehumanizing effects of colonization, white supremacy, and systemic oppression. We de-center mental health away from the dominant, white narrative, and instead, we center rich familial, cultural, and ancestral wisdom, knowledge, and strengths from our Black communities.

Our anti-oppressive, culturally-informed approach to understand dynamics of power, privilege, and oppression that have shape our clients' identities and lived experiences. For Black folx, an important part of our work is healing the wounds from racial stress and racial trauma (microaggressions, racism, violence,  stereotypes, poverty, and discrimination). Anti-Oppressive, Decolonized therapy is the therapy you have been looking for - the therapy each of us deserves.

Ready to get started?  Request an appointment and our Client Care Coordinator will connect you to one of our therapists who will follow up with you to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.

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