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Trauma & PTSD Therapy

Heal from Trauma. 

Find Peace Within.

At the Aguirre Center for Inclusive Psychotherapy we specialize in trauma therapy that fosters deep healing and personal growth. Our compassionate team of licensed therapists is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment where you can explore and overcome the effects of trauma.

What often keeps us stuck in trauma, are the deep feelings of guilt, shame and secrecy that we may carry. Undoing that aloneness is often the first step of the healing process. We are here to walk along side you on your path to healing—through the pain and back into the life you’re meant to live.

Our therapists can help you heal and recover from traumatic experiences that include:

  • Childhood abuse & neglect

  • Sexual Abuse and sexual assaults

  • Relationship violence

  • Race-based stress & trauma

  • Betrayal trauma

  • Immigration trauma

  • Intragenerational trauma

  • Religious trauma

  • PTSD and Complex-PTSD (C-PSTD)

What is Trauma?

Trauma and traumatic experiences result from highly stressful events that shatter a person’s sense of safety, security and serenity. In many cases, trauma renders one helpless and vulnerable or hardened and volatile in a world perceived as dangerous. Trauma refers to a single or series of events that happened in the past that continue to affect us negatively; most people experience traumatic events in their life to varying degrees such as experiencing a discrimination, racism, divorce, loss of loved one, a car accident, natural disasters, abuse, or violence. 

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Difficulties trusting others

  • Feelings of guilt, shame or self-blame

  • Unwanted and intrusive memories

  • Irritability and mood swings

  • Feeling sad, hopeless or helplessness

  • Overwhelming fear or anxiety

  • Feeling irritable or angry

  • Withdrawal and isolation 

  • Insomnia or nightmares

  • Flashbacks to traumatic event(s)

  • Emotional distress and dysregulation

  • Being easily startled or frightened

  • Feeling disconnected, numb or dissociated

  • Avoidance of places or experiences related to the trauma

  • Intrusive thoughts

  • Panic Attacks

  • Panic attacks

  • Difficulty relaxing or muscle tension

  • Stomach pain and other GI problems

  • Headaches or migraines

  • Exhaustion and fatigue

  • Increased heart rate and sweaty palms

  • Confusion, disorientation, poor focus, or difficulty concentrating

  • Changes in eating patterns

 Responses to traumatic events may include:

All of these symptoms are NORMAL responses to an ABNORMAL (traumatic) event.

Everyone responds differently to trauma. These responses to trauma can occur immediately after you have had a traumatic experience, or the response can be delayed, occurring weeks or sometimes months after the trauma. Often, people are able to recover from the impact of these events with time and support of others. However, in some situations the effects of trauma can be long-lasting and cause a significant amount of pain and turmoil in their lives.


Though you may feel hopeless or powerless, it is important to remember the symptoms of trauma can be managed and treated, and you can HEAL from the traumatic event(s). You don't have to carry the burden of trauma alone. Our highly-skilled trauma therapists can help you you overcome the past and build a brighter future.


Our inclusive and highly skilled team of therapists are here to support you. Request an appointment and our Client Care Coordinator will connect you to one of our therapists who will follow up with you to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.

from Surviving to Thriving: 

How We Can Help

At the Aguirre Center for Inclusive Psychotherapy, we believe in a holistic approach to trauma therapy, addressing both the emotional and physiological impacts of trauma. Our experienced trauma therapists will create a safe and supportive space for you to explore your traumatic experiences and develop healthy coping mechanisms.


Our trauma therapists utilize evidenced-based practices that have been proven as effective treatments for trauma and PTSD, including Trauma Processing Therapy, EMDR, and Somatic Experiencing therapy. Using these evidenced practices within an anti-oppressive, culturally-affirming framework, we empower our clients to reclaim their lives and build resilience.

Trauma Processing Therapy

Trauma processing therapy is a therapeutic approach that helps people make sense of and integrate traumatic events into their lives. It involves identifying and understanding the emotions and thoughts surrounding one's trauma.  Trauma processing can help you gain new insights about how past trauma patterns are currently negatively impacting your life and your relationships so that you can work on cultivating a sense of safety, in yourself, as well as in others and the world.


EMDR is a therapy designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories and PTSD. EMDR involves the client recalling specific traumatic experiences while simultaneously focusing on external bilateral stimuli, (visual, audio or tactile) which repeatedly activates the right and left side of the brain. Bilateral stimulation assists the neurophysiological system to release emotional experiences that get “stuck” in the nervous system and returns the body to equilibrium. Thus, it accelerates your brains capacity to process and heal traumatic memories.

Somatic Therapies

Somatic therapy, also known as somatic experiencing therapy, use somatic or body-based techniques  to help the mind and the body process trauma. It's based on the idea that the mind and body are closely connected, and that thoughts, emotions, and sensations influence each other. Through the use of movement, breath work and guided exercises, clients are taught to recognize how stress and trauma are stored in the body, the ways in which the mind and body are connected, and the use of specific exercises to release the emotional pain stored within the body.

While you cannot erase your past, it does not have to define you. You can heal and find peace within. Contact us to schedule a complimentary phone consultation or learn more about how our trauma therapy services can support you on your journey towards healing, wellness, and wholeness.

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All of our therapists at ACIP are trauma-informed and
skilled in Trauma Therapy.
Dr. Sophia Aguirre, Latinx Psychologist

Dr. Sophia Aguirre

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Dr. Daphne Jones


Jhokania De Los Santos

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Maria Laso

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Christina Walther


Dr. Ana Diaz-LePage


Dr. Melanie Wilcox

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Chris Ferrari

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Allegra Wyatt

Other Psychological Services Offered at ACIP

In addition to providing treatment for trauma, our stellar team of counselors and psychologists provide individual therapy and counseling for depression, anxiety, identity concerns, burnout, imposter syndrome, and more. 

We also specialize in working with other marginalized communities, including LGBTQIA+, BlackLatinx/Hispanic, and neurodivergent folx.  We offer a variety of psychological services both in-person and online therapy from Atlanta-based therapy practice and across the state Georgia.  We also offer couples & relational counseling for all genders and all relationship structures.   


We look forward to supporting you on your journey towards healing and wholeness.

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