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Meet Dr. Jesmond Fair

Dr. Jesmond Fair, Ph.D. - Black Psychologist LBTQ+ Atlanta

Areas of Expertise:

  • Trauma & PTSD

  • Q+BIPOC Intersectionality


  • Trans/Gender Identity

  • Racial, Ethnic & Cultural Identity

  • Anxiety, Depression, & Bipolar Disorder

  • Religion & Spirituality concerns


  • Initial Assessment Session:$250

  • Individual Therapy Session:  $200

  • Relational/Couples Therapy:  $225 

Licensed for In-Person Therapy:


Licensed for Teletherapy:


Service Modalities:

  • Adults (18+)

  • Individuals

  • Couples/Relational

Scheduling Availability:

Monday-Thursday: 6pm-8pm

Friday: 5:30-7:30pm

Saturday: 9am-11am

Jesmond Fair, PH.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Positionality: I identify as a Black gay Christian cis-gender man.

My Background & Approach:

I engage my clinical work grounded in my identities as a Black gay man, and I  view intersectionality as foundational for therapeutic exploration. My therapeutic approach is relational, rooted in liberation/decolonization, and is trauma-oppression informed.

I firmly believe that we cannot heal or grow without others, and that we heal within the context of relationships and our community. “When ‘I’ becomes ‘We’, illness becomes wellness.” This is saying that resonates deeply with me and has become woven into my clinical work to foster your personal healing and our collective liberation. With all of my clients, I examine their relationships and supports systems because I believe there are very few things you can heal from in isolation. My experiences have demonstrated that when we engage in healing through relational and liberation practices, we create pathways to wholeness, resilience, and connection.


In my work, I center the voices of those with minoritized/oppressed identities (e.g., Black, Brown, Indigenous folx, & People of Color, LGBTQIA+, trans, gender-expansive people, and people in nontraditional relationship configurations (polyamory, consensual nonmonogamy, kinky/BDSM communities). I have extensive experience working with adults struggling with anxiety, depression,  identity exploration (ethnic, racial, gender, and/or sexual identity), intersectionality, PTSD & Trauma, racial & oppression-based traumatic stress, and relationship concerns.  I am also very comfortable integrating religion or spirituality into our therapeutic work. My therapeutic sweet-spot is working with Q+BIPOCs individuals, couples, & polycules.

Theoretical & Clinical Orientation:

A common theme throughout my professional development has been holistic authenticity.  This theme is an integral part of my worldview and how I approach providing comprehensive mental health services.  I have used this perspective to actively decolonize the way I practice starting with my theoretical orientation.  My theoretical orientation is Relational-Cultural Theory which blends a relational approach to therapy with social justice, diversity, and multicultural considerations found in feminist theory.  In practice, I work to understand a person’s identities which shape their lived experiences, examine their relationships and support systems, and utilize this understanding to co-create interventions that help foster healing and growth towards one’s ideal self.  I also incorporate techniques from more traditional theories like CBT, DBT, and Psychodynamic to address more serious presentations like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. 

My clients can expect a collaborative approach to our work together. This means I will always center my client's needs and wants and the focus and goals of our work with will be co-constructed. I welcome the client(s) to create a space in therapy that will be conducive for the work they desire to do.  I view the therapeutic space that we co-create as dynamic, and as such, I elicit feedback to ensure that the space evolves with the client as they grow and change. When working with a client I invite authenticity by modeling authenticity.  I show up as my authentic self and foster a non-judgmental therapeutic relationship. 

Professional Credentials

  • Licensed Psychologist, Georgia (#PSY004541)


  • Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, The University of Georgia

  • M.Ed. in Professional Counseling, The University of Georgia

  • B.A. in Psychology, The University Alabama

Outside of Work:

Outside of work I enjoy exploring Atlanta, trying new foods, connecting with nature, and catching up on television.  I am a huge Marvel and DC, love anime, and big on medical shows.  I also love music.  It is my primary passion outside of work.  I have been engaging with music since I was old enough to talk.

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