Consultation & Process Group
For Latinx & BIPOC Therapists

Meeting Time & Location

Two Groups Available:

  • Wednesday Group: 12-2pm EST (meets every 2 weeks)

    • Limited number of openings available.

    • Estimated start date: December 2021/January 2022

  • Friday Group: 12-2pm EST (meets every 2 weeks) 

    • Group is FULL.​ Waitlist available.

    • Group begins November 5th.

Group meets online via Zoom with the opportunity to meet once per year for an extended group session in person at Dr. Aguirre's office in Atlanta.


What to Expect

This is a process-oriented group experience for Latinx & BIPOC therapists (Brown, Black, Indigenous & People of Color) interested in furthering their personal and professional development within a group of BIPOC peers.

  • This group will be facilitated from a relational, interpersonal and Feminist orientation rooted within an antiracist, de-colonized framework that promotes resilience and the development of cultural humility.

  • The content of this group is driven by what the group members needs/desires and what each member brings to group each week: sharing personal struggles and professional challenges (including countertransference concerns), clinical consultation questions, compassion fatigue/burnout, etc.

  • The here-and-now is a central focus of the group: all thoughts, feelings and associations to the process are explored and here-now-dynamics among group members will be highlighted as they occur. Members are encouraged to exchange honest  feedback, and to practice relating in more authentic and emotionally vulnerable manner.

  • We will utilize the group process to cultivate a deeper awareness of relational patterns and learn about group therapy dynamics from the role of both member and leader.

  • This BIPOC-only space provides a safe space for connection, exploration and healing of race-based stress and racial trauma.

Who Could Benefit

  • Latinx/BIPOC mental health clinicians/therapists  (licensed or unlicensed) in the United States who is interested in deepening their understanding their relational self, personally and professionally

  • Latinx/BIPOC therapists interested in further developing  group leadership skills. Experientially learn principles of group therapy and group dynamics through simultaneous observation and participation in a process group 

  • Latinx/BIPOC therapists wishing to further develop their culturally humility by exploring dynamics of intraracial and interracial countertransference and intraracial and interracial transferences as they occur within the group and in their professional lives.

  • Group therapists pursuing CGP certification that are in need of accruing hours towards the 75 supervision hour requirement; this group will meet those requirements. 

I'm Interested! How Do I Join?

  • Contact Dr. Sophia Aguirre to schedule a 45-minute initial pre-group consultation ($85 fee) to explore your goals, answer your questions, review the group expectations and assess if this group will meet your needs.

  • A minimum commitment of 10 sessions is required for all new group remembers.

  • Financial Investment: $85/group session, billed monthly. Reduced fee slots available for those with financial need.